After you have received your information pack, we will call you a few days later, just to check you have it and answer any questions you may have.


At this point, we will arrange for a member of the Foster Care Team to visit you at home to discuss fostering and your family situation. This is a good chance to understand you and your needs and the kind of placement you may wish to offer. (Home visits will only take place once an initial telephone interview has taken place.)


Upon receipt of your application we will begin the necessary checks, which include a DBS check (formerly CRB) on everyone in your household who is aged 18 and over. There will also be a medical check.


Your medical check will be sent to your GP. We will also send you a copy as you will need to book an appointment with your GP to complete the form. You will not be charged for this consultation. The completed medical form may be sent to the Fostering and Adoption Medical Advisor for a final decision.


You will be invited to attend the Skills to Foster training course, which sets out the responsibilities of being a foster carer and working with the Council. You will have a chance to consider the impact fostering could have on you and your family and talk to the foster carer and social workers who run the course.


When you have completed Skills to Foster, you will be encouraged to write some narrative on your background and your family. This information and the results of the application form, checks and references will be included in the final assessment report.

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To complete the assessment report, someone from the fostering team will visit you at home up to eight times. They will also visit the people you identify as referees and may also spend time with people in your extended family who may also be supporting you as a foster carer. The report takes around four months to complete and you get to check the final version.


The report is presented to an expert foster panel by the social worker and you will be invited to attend to. At the end of the panel, the Chair will let you know what the decision is.


You will have written confirmation of the decision.  If you are not happy with this you have 28 days within which to appeal and the report will be again discussed at panel and a final decision made.

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We will support you throughout the process and remind you of what needs to happen next.  We would ask you to be as honest as you can and to just "be yourself" when we visit.  Please raise any concerns as quickly as possible and always ask if there's anything you do not understand or need more information about.